Salvis-Smartline Bain-Marie

Modular cooking range

Salvis-Smartline Bain-Marie

The universal bain-marie among the many Smartline modules. Cooking, keeping warm or just presenting. The direct heating and a simple thermostatic control make the appliance safe to operate and at the same time usable everywhere.


  • Bain-Marie with deep-drawn basin with large hygienic corner radii and internal heating
  • basin is suitable for holding Gastronorm containers up to 150 mm deep
  • Direct heating and thermostatic temperature control
  • Automatic safety shutdown of the heating in case of dry running
  • Temperature range +45 °C to +95 °C
  • Stepless temperature regulation with rotary knob
  • With operation indicator lamp and lamp for indicating the heating phase
  • Available as tabletop unit or as built-in module
  • Power supply cable (1.5 m)
  • Height-adjustable feet
  • Safety outlet tap for particularly easy handling


Bain-Marie Salvis Smartline - Keep food warm professionally and gently

With our cooking modules from the Smartline series, configure own commercial kitchen individually and focus on the need of your customer. The Smartline catering system solution is always the right solution for event & catering kitchens as well as party services. Do you offer a hot buffet? Then a bain-marie is indispensable for your catering kitchen. Keep meat and soups, pasta and vegetables gently warm in the bain-marie over a longer period of time.

The Salvis Smartline bain-marie scores with its functional design and ease of use. Our heat-retaining appliances convince with their direct heating method and are designed for standardised GN containers. Set the temperature by a rotary control - depending on the food.

Our developers have also thought about safety: in the situation of dry running, the bain-marie switches off immediately so that the radiator is not damaged. To drain the water, a safety tap is available, which makes handling much easier. Salvis Bain-marie is easy to clean, as we equipped the tub with large rounded radii.