Salvis-Smartline ceran cooking unit

Modular cooking unit

Salvis-Smartline Ceramic Cooking Unit

Smartline Ceramic table-top cooking appliances have a long proven and functional technology. 2 equally sized, round infrared cooking zones are suitable for all cookware up to Ø 250mm. The 2 controls offer immediate readiness for cooking with high efficiency.

  • 6mm thick glass plate with pan positioning aid
  • 2 equally sized, round infrared heating zones with Ø 220mm and 2.5 kW each
  • Temperatures can be regulated separately at the front and rear
  • With operating indicator lamp and lamp for indicating the heating phase
  • Available as tabletop unit or as built-in module
  • Power supply cable (1.5 m)
  • Height-adjustable feet


Ceran Cooking Unit Salvis Smartline - smart module for your gastro kitchen

Wherever flexibility is required in the catering industry, Smartline kitchen modules from Salvis are the right answer. This product line offers you a range of compatible, functional kitchen appliances to create a kitchen concept that meets your needs and your customers' expectations. Our Ceran cooking unit is an organic element of the Smartline kitchen system and will help you realise any concept, in short time.

Whether a pan or a saucepan dish - any food can be prepared precisely and energy-efficiently on a ceramic hob. The ceramic hob heats up quickly to the set temperature and you can adjust the heat supply continuously via a rotary control. The modular ceran cooking units allow cooking with a minimal heat loss and do not require any special cooking utensils. Combine the Ceran cooking unit with a wok, pasta cooker, a griddle plate or with a deep fryer to delight your customers with a wide range of tasty dishes.