Salvis Holdomat 411


Warmth holding unit

Salvis Hold-o-mat

Quality improving warmth holding

The Salvis Hold-o-mat, Swiss precision in low temperature cooking and keeping warm.
With a temperature precision of +/- 1 °C and thanks to its perfect moisture control all meat dishes are safely guided through the process. Flexible implementation in catering and kitchen.

The equipment is fitted with 4 fold-out handles which make it easy to carry. The Salvis Hold-o-mat are available in 4 different versions:

  • Holdomat 323 with 3 drawers à GN2/3- 65mm
  • Holdomat 311 with 3 drawers à GN1/1- 65 mm
  • Holdomat 411 with 4 drawers à GN 1/1-65 mm
  • Holdomat 711 with 7 drawers à GN 1/1-65 mm (core probe not possible)

NEW: With new OLED display provides a better overview of all temperatures and magnetic core temperature probe



Warming appliances for any gastronomy oulet - successful combination of low temperature cooking and holding.

The food is ready, but the customers are late or not ready yet? With the modern warming devices from Salvis you’ll have the right solution. The versatile and powerful Holdomat helps you to keep food warm gently over a longer period of time and is also suitable for cooking at low temperatures.

The Holdomat is a professional warming device that is available in several versions. The heat-retaining appliances convince with an intelligently touch key pad. The Holdomat is made for keeping different dishes warm or cook them simultaneously in three to seven drawers.

The optional core temperature probe allows you to set the desired temperature with an accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celsius. The moisture content in the holdomat is controlled by a smart fresh-air function. All models have a clear and bright OLED display. The Salvis Holdomat can be transported with the fold-out carrying handles. In addition, you can stack several holdomat appliances on top of each other, thus saving even more space in the kitchen or during transport.