Salvis-Smartline pasta cooker

Modular cooking unit

Salvis-Smartline Pasta Cooker

The powerful little power pack satisfies even the highest demands on performance and handling. Up to 6 rectangular perforated portion baskets with an ergonomic handle fit into the deep-drawn basin of the Smartline pasta cooker. Perfect for the preparation of up to 80-100 portions of pre-prepared pasta per hour.

  • Seamless deep-drawn basin with large corner radii for hygienic and easy cleaning
  • The basin is suitable for holding various pasta baskets and GN containers
  • Useful depth ca 150mm
  • Temperature range from 45°C - 100°C
  • Infinitely variable temperature regulation with rotary knob
  • Direct heating and thermostatic temperature control
  • With operation indicator lamp and lamp for indicating the heating phase
  • Available as tabletop unit or as built-in module
  • Power supply cable (1.5 m)
  • Height-adjustable feet.


Modular Pasta Cooker Smartline - in a few minutes to the perfect pasta dish

Salvis Smartline is your opportunity to built-up your professional kitchen individually and according to your current needs. We offer 14 different modular, interchangeable and compatible cooking units such as griddle and induction plates, deep fryers and warming appliances. The pasta cooker is a functional table-top cooking unit that prepares large quantities of blanched or frozen pasta in minutes.

The pasta cooker from the Smartline series by Salvis allows several possible combinations of single and multi-portion pasta baskets. Within a very short time you can heat the water to cooking temperature and prepare several portions of pasta for your guests at the same time. For simple, ergonomic operation, we equip the pasta cooker with a safety drain lock. The cooking unit does not require a fixed installation and is therefore ready for immediate use at any time anywhere.

The smart design guarantees intuitive operation, and also meets modern hygiene requirements. Cleaning is very easy thanks to the flat surfaces and rounded corners with large radii.