Salvis CucinaEVO

Eco-friendly total package

Salvis moderne Technologien Salvis Luftgeschwindigkeiten
Modern technologies state-of-the-art
They ensure for resource-saving consumption,
in spite of twice the cooking chamber size.

Six fan speeds for the perfect coordination
of the required energy for the food in it.

Salvis EC-Motor Eco Mode als Zusatzfunktion
The newly developed EC motor reduces the
energy demand by up to 65 % for each starting
and heating phase!
EcoMode as add-on function
Optionally selectable for all cooking processes.
Saving of energy costs up to 40 %.
3-fach Türverglasung Salvis Wärmerückgewinnung
Insulated triple-glazed door with infrared
reflective coating

Safety-relevant, because it protects against
burns and achieves energy optimisation up
to 20 %. Energy remains where it belongs –
in the cooking chamber.
Heat recovery
The integrated counter-current heat exchanger
in all QT-Pro  models reduces the energy cost
by up to 30 % and the water consumption with
vapour condensation by up to 80 %.
Licht aus nach 15 min Salvis Reinigung im Umwälzverfahren
Light off after 15 minutes
The energy saving mode starts after
15 minutes without input. The cooking
chamber light goes off and the display darkens.
Circulation cleaning saves up to 37 % water.