Salvis CucinaEVO

The unique 4-in-1 cooking chamber concept

4-in-1 means four decisive advantages especially for all 611, 1011 and 2011 QT-models

Twice the cooking chamber size for more output – in a shorter amount of time. The key factor in the professional kitchen.

4-in-1 = 100 % more cooking chamber volume
Uniform browning at full cooking chamber utilisation. Offset positioning and uniform air flow ensure best baking and cooking results.

4-in-1 = One removable rack for four dimensions
The support for cooking and baking accessories, integrated as standard, carries all dimensions: GN 1/1 lengthways and sideways, GN 2/1 as well as baking standard 400 × 600 mm.

4-in-1 = Twice the capacity increase
Twice the capacity increase for all low temperature processes and banqueting through complete cooking chamber utilisation.
   611QT = 24 plates with 32 cm diameter
1011QT = 40 plates with 32 cm diameter
2011QT = 80 plates with 32 cm diameter

4-in-1 = Safety and loading convenience with sideways slide-in
Your safety in handling hot foods is important to us. Sideways slidein through its ergonomic design offers convenience in loading and unloading of the hot dishes.

           Längs- und Quereinschub GN 1/1                 Salvis Maxi-Blech              Backnorm Blech

Length- and sideways slid-in GN 1/1     NT cooking and regenerating in the GN 2/1   Baking standard 400 × 600 mm