Ranges of hobs

Salvis VisionPRO and Salvis Master



The deep drawn basin with direct heating is incorporated seamlessly into the top of the stove. It can be filled either through a built-up water inlet or a column mixing faucet. The temperature is thermostatically controlled. The content of the basin is discharged downwards via the drain tap. There are different sizes and versions of Bain Maries available..

Salvis Bain-Marie


Ceramic hob

The low heating-up times and the high performance are the features of this technology. As a variant it also features energy-saving pan detection for a very economical operation. The electronic pan detection is only activated when being used. The glass ceramic cooking top is installed without seams and with the flush-mount method and is therefore particularly hygienic and easy to clean. Ceramic hobs are available with 2 or 4 zones, with or without pan detection as well as in different glass sizes.

Salvis Ceramic hob

Deep fat fryer

The Salvis-Fryline deep fat fryers are available without any limitations as a variation installation for the hob range. Fully automatic programs and above average hourly performance. 2 different user interfaces as membrane keypad. Seamless large radius deep-drawn tanks. Pivoting flat tubular heating elements in the basin. Electronic temperature sensor incorporated into the heating element. By default equipped with oil and fat filter system. Variants with 1 or 2 bowls, different services as well as variants with a lifting device, and fat and grease pump system round off the range.

Salvis deep fat fryer

Gas burners zones

The seamless deep-drawn gas hob with radial design with atmospheric burners and protected pilot flame stands for safe operation, easy cleaning and economical operation. Each burner has a manual ignition and temperature control. Each gas hob has a gas shut-off valve. A CNS sliding grate as support for the pan ensures safe and easy handling of the cooking utensils for both small as well as large pots and pans. The gas hobs are available either with 2 or 4 burners.

Salvis Gas burners zones


Fluted special steel griddles for a visually appealing grill pattern or the variant with a smooth cooking surface. All plates have a gap at the front where grill residues are collected in an incorporated fat drip tray. For optimal energy transfer, the radiators are positioned directly under the cooking plate. The panels are equipped as standard with three-sided protective covers. The grill/griddle plates are optionally available with 1 or 2 heating zones.

Salvis grill/griddle


Induction technology exists thanks to its great efficiency the most economical heating technology commercial kitchens. On one hand you can choose from the full surface induction with the maximum utilization of the cooking surface, ideal for the simultaneous use of several large and small saucepans and on the other hand the circular coil induction where 2 or 4 individual cooking zones are available.

Induction means lower energy consumption and immediate readiness for use. Warming up or preheating the hobs has been eliminated thanks to electronic pan detection. Induction has by far the smallest thermal load on the kitchen, thereby ensuring the best working conditions and a pleasant indoor climate. The temperature is continuously regulated, therefore making the spot-on preparation of delicate dishes no problem. Thanks to minimal residual heat on the top of the ceramic glass, there is no risk of burning. There are different glass sizes to choose from.

Of course we can help you when it comes to choosing the right cooking ware for your new induction cooker.

Salvis induction hob

Induction wok

The innovative multi-purpose device for particularly fast and careful preparation of fish, meat and vegetables, and much more. No warm-up times and therefore greater energy efficiency. Due to the electronic pan detection the energy and heat is generated immediately and directly in the wok. The wok is made of high quality ceramic. No risk of burning due to the low residual heat in the bowl. The induction wok is available according to size and performance.

Salvis induction wok

Large stainless steel hob

Universally usable hotplates with minimal heat loss. Uniform heat distribution over the entire cooking surface thanks to sandwich design. The cooking / baking surface is made of finely polished CNS. A cleaning friendly design due to the wide circumferential fat and dirt collecting trough with a straight drain downwards into a GN bowl. The hob can be used to produce and to keep food warm, but without additional energy consumption. Large hobs are available with 2 or 4 heating zones.

Salvis large stainless steel hob

Pan (Multi-purpose cooker / multi-purpose induction cooker)

The highly polished CNS cooking surface for perfect roasting results with minimum heat loss. The special multilayer roasting plate structure ensures the shortest heating up times and a rapid uniform heat distribution. The roaster base consists of a solid copper plate from which the high heat storage arises. The seamless deep-drawn CNS pan is fitted with a circumferential rim inside the stove. The large drain plug allows an easy and fast transfer of food down into GN containers. The multi-purpose cooker is available with 1 or 2 heating zones.

This universal device for various applications is also available with induction technology. An energy saving of up to 35% and the high heat storage arise due to the technologically advanced structure of the base of the pan (massive copper plate). The multi-purpose cooker with induction technology is available with 2 heating zones.


Salvis Pan

Pasta cooker

Wet and dry heating. Incorporated in the basin is an overflow pipe to the drain off the starch. Seamlessly thermoformed corrosion resistant CNS. In the tub is a patented swivel flat tube heater for direct heat transfer. Easy operation by means of manually controlled water supply for filling, cooking and cleaning. The water inlet pipe is swivel-mounted on the cover. At the rear a removable drip tray is fixed with a grate as a storage surfaces for the pasta baskets. The pasta cooker requires a secure connection for waste water. Flow downwards. The pasta cookers are available in a size and a version with 2 or 4 basket lifting devices.

Working surface

The CNS-hotplate built flush into the work surface is the ideal complement for keeping food or plates warm. The ground surface is perfectly integrated into the range top. Hot plates are available with 1 or 2 heating zones.


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