Ranges of hobs

Salvis VisionPRO and Salvis Master


The Salvis VisionPro and Salvis Master ranges can be further extended with an extensive range of accessories and options.

Add-ons and shelves for appliances and water taps at the point of use simplify work processes. In narrow kitchens, for example, rails can be used on narrow Ranges of hobs to move plates or large pots. Folding shelves extend the ranges to the pass or serving area and make it much easier to arrange plates. And we always need space in the kitchen.

Mixer taps can also be fitted with sockets and will also accommodate a hand blender. Everything close at hand - everything at a glance when things get hectic. Frames are bent-up stainless steel ends and make cleaning easier when installed on the wall. Many small details in the construction of ranges - with a big effect.

We have the right solution for all requirements.