Ranges of hobs

Salvis VisionPRO and Salvis Master



Roasting and Baking Oven

Optimal temperature control by means of direct top heater and indirect bottom heater with a thermostat control from 50-300°C. The upper and lower heaters have a separate control knob. Humidity control by means of a manual vapor valve in the oven door. Easy to clean large radius oven chamber made of stainless steel. Stable door with smooth surface. The oven is available either as operable at one end or continuous. The interior is suitable for the use of GN 2/1 accessories. A CNS grate and a baking sheet are included in the scope of delivery of each oven.


Salvis roasting and baking oven

Warming Cabinet

The self-heated warming cabinets are available with hinged doors, rolling doors and drawers. The temperature is controlled by a control knob from 30-85 ° C. Due to the generously perforated dividing shelf, optimal heat distribution is achieved. The one-ended operable warming cabinets with hinged doors are available both with left as well as right-hinged doors.

The likewise unilaterally operated drawer warming cabinets according to their design are suited for storing two piles of 28 plates or for storing dish racks. The heated drawers are equipped with CNS pullouts which can be removed without tools for thorough cleaning. The warming cupboards with rolling doors which are operable either on one side or continuously round off the range. The door is equipped with a spring balancer which fixes the door on each level, thus preventing unnecessary power consumption.

Salvis warming cabinet Salvis warming cabinet Salvis warming cabinet Salvis warming cabinet


There is a wide range of CNS furniture available for the hob program. Freely selectable in the length and width of the furniture, whether operable at one end or continuous. In open furniture every variant is possible. The oven furniture program is available in standard hygiene and Hygiene H2. Cabinets with hinged doors, cabinets with standard trays with or without doors, drawer units, installation compartments and special furniture for holding machines and heating systems round off the extensive range of oven furniture

Salvis Neutraler Herdunterbau



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