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Refrigeration furniture

The combinations are virtually unlimited. Ecological. Energy efficient. Hygienic.

Whether centrally cooled or plug-in with their own cooling, Salvis Gastroline refrigeration units can be adapted to all requirements and conditions at the respective location. The most important characteristics are the evaporator encased in foam in the rear wall and the automatic defrosting system. In the models with their own refrigeration, hot gas is used to operate defrosting and evaporation of the water from defrosting.

The refrigerated compartments are manufactured in a hygienic design. The floors are completely seamless and have an additional retention partition at the front. Because each refrigeration cabinet is made of one single piece of high-pressure foam, they are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The standardized electronic controls include not only an integrated HACCP logging system, but also an RS485 interface for reading out data or remote monitoring.

The highlight is the so-called Eco-mode with an energy saving button. At times when the refrigeration units are infrequently used or never opened, such as at night or during closing times, up to 30% energy can be saved in the Eco-mode.

Rounding of the options available in Salvis Gastroline refrigeration unit controls is the display.

  • Assortment
    - Refrigeration cabinets, 710/760 mm height
    - Refrigeration cabinets for beverages, 930 mm height (incl. base frame)
    - Refrigeration cabinets for 2 temperatures, 710 mm height
    - Deep freeze cabinets, 710/760 mm height
    - Sandwich units, 710/760 mm height
    - Waste refrigerator
    - Cooling trays
  • Drawers
    - GN containers, bottles or container drawers. Suitable for Salvis GreenVAC trays.
  • Magnetic seals
    - Simple to clean and easily replaceable.

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