Neutral furniture Salvis-Gastroline


Salvis Gastroline

Neutral furniture

The concept that offers many varied combinations and great value. Professional. Individual.

The neutral furniture consists of a self-supporting construction with a smooth exterior surface. The base is generously rounded at the sides and back, and in this way satisfies the most stringent of hygienic standards. All drawers come standard with high quality, fully extractible runners. The standard sheet compartments for GN 1/1 and GN 2/1 are equipped with a tip lock. The fronts on doors and drawers are double-walled.

  • Assortment
    – Shelf sheet and standard sheet size cupboards, with and without doors
    – Drawer elements
    – Combination cupboards
    – Cupboards for mounting or integrating Salvis Smartline cooking units
    – Serving, wall-mounted and tall cupboards
    – Special substructures

The Salvis Gastroline assortment is available in the cabinet heights of 710 and 760 mm.

  • Hygiene
    The floors in all elements are rounded at the back and sides with a 26 mm radius: hygiene made easy!
  • Fronts
    Finish in finely polished microlon.
  • Drawers
    Box drawer with bearing slide pull-out. Double walled drawer fronts.

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