Salvis technical training

By professionals for professionals.

Our technical training sessions cover preventive maintenance and service, but also how to troubleshoot a unit hands-on. Training content is supplemented by real-world experience. Our aim is to provide technicians with comprehensive and detailed training, so they can assist customers competently and successfully.

All technical training sessions in 2021 will be held ONLINE.

It is essential to comply with the following instructions:
1. Infrastructur: You need a computer or tablet computer equipped with camera and loudspeakers.
2. Communication: The software Skype has to be installed on your device before participating in the course.
3. Connection: You need a secure and stable internet connection.
4. Link / Password: A link will be sent to you shortly before starting the course by E-Mail.
5. General information: Your registration must be sent to us one week before the training at the latest.
6. Registration: Please send the registration form to .
7. Tip: If you want to share photos/pictures during the training, please upload them on your device before the training.

Seminar dates:

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