Technical data


Salvis-GreenVAC gastronorm containers made of chromium-nickel steel
  Accessories for Salvis-GreenVAC containers
Size Depth mm Litres Item No. Model   Size Item no. Model
1/6 150 1.5 BF377939 NSV16150   Lid made of special-purpose plastic
1/3 150 3.0 BF377947 NSV13150   1/6 BF377967 NDV16
1/2 150 5.6 BF377944 NSV12150   1/3 BF377914 NDV13
1/1 100 7.6 BF377940 NSV11100   1/2 BF377913 NDV12
1/1 150 13.5 BF377941 NSV11150   1/1 BF377912 NDV11
 Set (lid, seal and valve)      Lid seal
 1/6 150  1.5  SR377939  GVS16150   1/6 BF377971 DDV16
 1/3 150  3.0  SR377947  GVS13150   1/3 BF377917 DDV13
 1/2 150  5.6  SR377944  GVS12150   1/2 BF377916 DDV12
 1/1 100  7.6  SR377940  GVS11100   1/1 BF377915 DDV11
 1/1 150  13.5  SR377941  GVS11150    
            Lid valve
              BF377972 KUV
    Name plate
              BF377978 BSV
            Perforated polycarbonate inserts
            1/3 BF377976 EBV13
            1/2 BF377975 EBV12
            1/1 BF377974 EBV11
            Spacers for inserts 1/1 + 1/2
            Set (4 spacers) BF377963 DBV

Subject to changes in power, dimension and constructions.

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