Pressure Steamer Salvis VitalityEVO Pro

Pressure Steamer

Salvis VitalityEVO

Perfect cooking results in record time. Fresh. Efficient. Flexible.

Dry steam cooking on a very small footprint with large capacities is the recipe for success for sophisticated cuisine. The Salvis VitalityEVO pressure steamer simplifies kitchen processes with short cooking times. Waste of food is a thing of the past! The gentle, fat-free preparation in steam meets today's demands for healthy and efficient cuisine.

The pictogram-guided touch screen control is language-neutral and easy to understand.  Simply smart cooking!

The plus points at a glance:

  • Integrated water softener with hardness adjustment
  • Easy to understand touch screen control
  • AQA - Automatic Quantity Adjustment
  • Heat exchanger for rapid steam generation
  • System-controlled rinsing process of the cooking chamber
  • Reduction of cooking time by up to 70%.
  • Up to 65% energy saving during long-term cooking
  • 2 equipment variants with modular system

Product video

The pressure steamer is a highly energy efficient device as you can see from the comparative energy consumption with the Combi-Steamer.     


Salvis pressure steamer - for fast, gentle and efficient steam cooking

The modern pressure steamer from Salvis convince with high-quality workmanship and multifunctionality. With a powerful steamer you can prepare several foods gently and quickly.

The pressure cooker uses the steam combined with high pressure to cook vegetables, sides and if necessary meat and fish. This professional appliance scores with its high flexibility: quick steaming, poaching and blanching are standard tasks for the pressure cooker, alos possible is the trendy slow cooking. The use of steam pressure reduces the preparation time by more than half compared to a conventional combi-oven.

Another advantage of pressure cooking is that it is particularly gentle to prepare, as most of the vitamins and nutrients are completely retained when cooking in a professional pressure steamer. The taste properties of steam-cooked food leave hardly anything to be desired.

Salvis pressure steamers are a space-saving and energy-efficient solution for your innovative and healthy professional kitchen. The pressure steamers have a round, hygienic pressure cooking chamber, process the steam within a very short time and are easy to clean. The integrated water softener and the rinsing program ensure a long life of the pressure cooker.