Mobile Cooking Station


Prepare food where the customer is and eats. Easily and flexibly applicable.

With the mobile frontcooking station Salvis-Fresh&Smart the odours and steam from cooking will be eliminated just above the cooking surface, where they originate. This is possible with an efficient and direct, three sided suction system, which is placed just above and around the cooking units. The steam and odours are lead directly downwards via ventilation slots into a specially developed filter system. The FreshAir system totally neutralizes the unpleasant odours.

The module can be equipped with the different Salvis-Smartline appliances. The units are interchangeable.

Mobile without extractor hood – the solution for modern frontcooking.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Steam and odours are eliminated at source.
  • Direct suction on three sides, no external extraction plant needed.
  • 80% smell elimination.
  • Flexible in use thanks to its great mobility.
  • Opens up new and additional market segments.
  • All parts easy to clean.
  • Optionally available with glass top and lights.
  • Mobile unit with 4 steerable wheels, 2 of them are lockable.

  • 01 fresh-smart leer
  • 02 fresh-smart smartline
  • 03 fresh-smart front
  • 04 fresh-smart front aufbau
  • 05 fresh-smart aufbau filter