Salvis-Smartline silofrit

Modular cooking unit

Salvis-Smartline chips & snack warmer Silofrit

The flexible solution for swimming pools, caterers and front-cooking restaurants for keeping French fries, breaded and fried snacks warm at short notice. The shelf ensures a perfect warming climate, French fries&Co remain temporarily hot and crispy.

  • The perfect complement to the Smartline deep fryer
  • Two heaters: One outside on the bottom and one in the fixed radiator
  • Deep-drawn basin with large corner radii for easier cleaning and better hygiene
  • With perforated, specially shaped drip plate for better removal of the fried food
  • Available as tabletop unit or as built-in module
  • Power supply cable (1.5 m)
  • Height-adjustable feet



Chips warmer Silofrit - your practical fries warmer from Salvis Smartline

With the 14 modular cooking units from our Smartline product line, you can easily put together your own modular catering kitchen. You decide what you need for use in a snack-bar, cafe, catering or party service and select the appropriate elements. Smartline is your modular system solution for catering with exchangeable, functionally designed modules. The fries warmer with the perforated inlay plate is exactly the right solution for the fast and flexible kitchen.

Aromatic, crispy chips only taste freshly fried. Thanks to the Silofrit chips warmer, the fries can be kept warm longer cripy and warm. So you can always impress your guests with perfect French fries, just like straight from the deep fryer.

The cooking module is designed for large quantities and can be easily controlled using the rotary control knop. Thanks to the easy adjustable heat retention system with top and bottom heat heating elements, your chips and nuggets stay in perfect condition for longer. The perforated plate is included in the scope of delivery, so the cooking module is immediately ready for use.