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Frying- and cooking appliances

Salvis Crystal Pro

For every need the right solution. Variable. Fast. Flexible.

The Salvis Crystal Pro range offers requirement orientated solutions for high performance kitchens such as: canteens, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and restaurants. Unlimited combinations possibilities, extreme flexibility and ultramodern design make this range a must have for professional high performance kitchens.

Product program:

  • Tilting kettle
  • Tilting frying pans
  • Tilting pressure cooker

The benefits at a glance:

  • Fitted with a user friendly, easy to clean, scratch free, high resolution touch display to control the cooking processes:
    - Set and actual temperature
    - Programmed and remaining cooking time
    - Core temperature sensor (pressure cooker)
    - Pressure Cooking (pressure cooker)
  • Cooking with power levels
  • Optional: Mixer (Standing and tilting kettle)
  • Programming (1000 programs with 16 steps)
  • Motor-assisted tilting with variable speeds and soft start as well as soft stop functions. By means of the tilting axis upwards and forwards the exact emptying point is guaranteed. The pot/boiler can be tilted over 90° which facilitates the complete emptying and cleaning of the equipment.
  • Powerblock heating system for 60% less differences in temperature.
  • A double-walled insulated lid reduces energy consumption.
  • Exterior and interior design of high quality stainless steel. .
  • IPX6-water protection level.
  • Mounting freestanding; on the wall or wall-mounted.

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