Salvis Cucina Combi-Steamer


Salvis CucinaEVO

Space. Power. Design.

Well engineered and innovative cooking products

Our philosophy is consistent - perfect food first, technology second! True to our principles in the new generation Salvis CucinaEVO, we have focused on developing a fantastic food experience with state of the art Combi-Steamer technology. The new generation Salvis CucinaEVO fulfils every requirement from chefs for an easy to operate, powerful and perfectly equipped Combi-Steamer - all implemented with our chef and development team.

Our vision is becoming reality – by chefs for chefs!


salvis-CucinaEVO 623T food 15 offen
salvis-CucinaEVO 1011QT food 13 offen-bearb
salvis-CucinaEVO 1011QT Brot offen

Salvis Combi Ovens for a flexible, fast and innovative kitchen

The combi steamers from Salvis are a must for the modern large kitchen. Catering kitchens benefit from a successful combination of two core functions, cooking with dry heat and the preparation of food using steam.

Prepare your food items In the Salvis Combi Steamer such as baked potatoes and grilled vegetables as well as meat and fish in the traditional way. The combi oven also work as a steam cooker. With the help of the hot steam you prepare all dishes not only quickly and energy-efficiently, but also extra gently. Most nutrients and vital substances are almost completely retained when cooking with steam, which also allows the taste properties of the food to be shown to their best advantage.

The Combi oven from Salvis is easy to load and convinces with an oversized cooking chamber in the QT-version (GN 2/1 as standard!). Simultaneous cooking on several levels can be controlled fully automatically. The combi oven T-models require little space and can be controlled intuitively via touch screen. Choose your cooking method from several options such as blanching, steaming or grilling, set the cooking temperature and time - the smart Combi Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO takes care of everything else.