Salvis GreenVAC

The Innovative Vacuum Technology for the Kitchens of the Future!

A unique system for a single purpose - at any time and for every product: freshness!

Salvis GreenVAC is an environmentally reusable vacuum system. It guarantees a maximum vacuum directly into the specially made GN-containers. Pressure sensitive products such as salad and berries can also be directly vacuumed. Salvis GreenVAC prolongs storage, optimizes your "mise en place" and makes refilling per portion unnecessary. Salvis GreenVAC is not to be underestimated in its multi-functionality. In addition to the systematic stock management it is perfectly suited to the out-of-house and catering fields. From storage to production, then shock chilled with cold logistics to the customer which then vitalizes his menu in the same bowl. A sustainable concept – simply smart cooking.

The simple principles of Salvis GreenVAC:

  • Preparing raw foods; wash, if necessary dry, fill, vacuum and serve after several days without losing quality.
  • Preparing cooked dishes ready to serve; season and shock cool in Salvis GreenVAC containers. Cover, vacuum to the maximum and store at 3 °C – with guaranteed longer storage periods.
  • There are also no limits to creative use. Due to its physical properties the Salvis GreenVAC enables the refinement of the most varied foods. Aromas become more intense and textures more delicate and/or lighter.

Sustainability is not a question of honour – but part of the system!


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