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Salvis GreenVAC - reduces plastic waste in the kitchen!

A unique system for a single purpose - at any time and for every product: freshness! The term “sustainability” has established itself in gastronomic culture.

Up to now, from the point of view of chefs, the primary focus has been on rearing and keeping farm animals or dealing with ecological resources. Today, the understanding of sustainability has expanded across entire concepts and business models.
Plastic - and reducing it in one-way use - is on everyone's lips today.
Anyone who thinks of preservation cannot avoid the process of vacuuming. The traditional method has always been practiced in disposable bags without spending a thought on costs or waste.
With the discussion about the introduction of a « plastic tax », the Salvis GreenVAC system has once again gained in importance: Salvis GreenVAC is THE environmentally friendly reusable vacuum system. It ensures a maximum vacuum directly in the Salvis GreenVAC GN container, for all food groups such as vegetables, starch side dishes, meat dishes, soups etc. as well as for sensitive products such as salads, berries and leafy vegetables!
The system solution: A storage system with a clear view in the cold store. The only process that uses the same GN tray for preparation, production, cooling, intermediate storage & transport under high vacuum and serving!  Perfect for out-of-home catering or decentralised food delivery.

Thanks to many years of use of Salvis GreenVAC, plastic waste in the kitchen is reduced by up to 65%.  The hermetic seal ensures the extension of shelf life. By removing oxygen during vacuuming, salads oxidise less quickly and spoilage is significantly reduced. This has a positive effect on the cost of goods and reduces Food waste.
Quality assurance: A loss of flavour due to wrong storage is now history.  Secured like in a safe the flavours get kept in the food components. No flavour contamination will take place during refrigeration as you’re able to vacuum within seconds to keep freshness and bouquet. Your guarantor for your HACCP concept. The GreenVAC Container are produced of 1.2mm and 1.5mm stainless steel to obtain the high vacuum. The lids are made of impact-resistent high-performance synthetic material. It allows a continuous control through the clear lid to the products, without opening– unique and patented!

The simple principles of Salvis GreenVAC:

  • Preparing raw food; wash them, if necessary dry, fill in, vacuum and serve after several days without losing quality.
  • Preparing cooked dishes ready to serve; season and blast chill in Salvis GreenVAC GN-containers. Cover, vacuum to the maximum and store at 3 °C – with guaranteed longer storage periods.
  • There are also no limits in creative use. Due to its physical properties the Salvis GreenVAC enables the refinement of the most varied foods. Flavours become more intense and textures more delicate and/or lighter.

Sustainability is not a question of honour – but part of the system!