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Salamanders Salvis Classic and Classic Pro

Salvis Salamander put the finishing touches to every dish before they go to the guest. Usually prominently placed above the stove or at the kitchen pass, they refine every food to perfection. In continuous operation they achieve great things - with the Salvis plate recognition they show their true potential!

Commercial Salamander Salvis Classic and Classic Pro – High savings potential due to sophisticated technology.

The Salvis commercial salamanders convince with their design and material quality as well as their ease of cleaning. In the new version in black design they stand out next to the classic Salvis red in the modern open kitchen. The robust construction guarantees a long service life, even in daily continuous use. The heating reflector with smooth-running rolling system can be infinitely adjusted to the desired height for gratinating. The protective profile of the reflector is the perfect heat dissipator, the reflector handle remains "cold" even in continuous operation. The integrated electronic timer with automatic switch-off function guarantees consistent results. Salvis commercial Salamander Classic are suitable for versatile installation variants in every kitchen.

The automatic plate recognition of the Salvis professional Salamander Classic is a unique and clever function. It recognises plates and bowls and switches the heating elements on and off automatically. With the Salvis plate recognition, power consumption can be reduced by up to 70%.

Depending on the application and customer requirements, the model series can be equipped with the proven tubular heating element or the fast HiLight heating system. The rotary knobs are made of noble cast aluminium and support our philosophy to reduce plastic. 

Your plus points:
  • Unique automatic Salvis plate recognition
  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • Choice of tubular heating elements or HiLight heating system
  • Flexible installation in any kitchen (ceiling, wall, stove)