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Pressure Steamer Salvis VitalityEVO

The gentle (r)evolution

Switzerland's high cuisine has been praised all over the world since early times. Thanks to the visionary thinking of Swiss caterers and the art of engineering.

Salvis - 50 years of Swiss expertise in pressure steam cooking

The dream has always been the same: to offer freshly prepared meals to hotel and restaurant guests at all times. The gentle revolution with Salvis pressure cooking technology began in the 1970s. The equipment of the Salvis Flex-Seal speed cooker was simple and limited to the essentials with pressure gauge and timer. In 1979, the double-walled safety pressure door was introduced in the subsequent Salvis Jet-Cooker model. In the 1980s, the integrated water softener was introduced in the Franke Model FS 1/1 E to CA. The connection to any water quality without restriction was now possible; the longevity of the pressure steamer was increased. The introduction of the cooking programs in 1995 and the equipment with a core temperature sensor in the Salvis pressure steamer Vitality were currently evolutionary. With the introduction of the heat exchanger and optimisation of the steam generator in 2007 in the Salvis Vitality Pro, the success story has continued to this day.

Salvis pressure Steamer VitalityEVO - smart cooking of the future

Dry steam cooking on a very small space with large capacities is the recipe for success for sophisticated cuisine. The pressure steamer Salvis VitalityEVO simplifies the production processes in the kitchen through short-term post-production and avoids overproduction. Waste of food is a thing of the past. The gentle, fat-free preparation in steam meets today's demands for healthy cuisine. The higher nutrient content and the reduced cooking times by up to 60% are trend-setting facts. The control system is language-neutral and easy to understand. To further simplify the use of the kitchen appliances, the user interface of the Salvis VitalityEVO pressure steamer corresponds to the same philosophy of the Salvis CucinaEVO combi steamer. With the unique AQA (Automatic Quantity Adjustment), the Salvis VitalityEVO pressure steamer automatically adjusts to the quantity of food to be cooked and guarantees consistent quality. The integrated water softener with automatic regeneration function is unique. The touch panel behind glass meets today's hygiene requirements and a system-guided rinsing cycle supports cleaning at the end of production.

High user safety is ensured by the double-walled magnetic contact pressure door and the automatic over temperature protectionSimply smart cooking! The Model Salvis VitalityEVO Pro has the cookbook and programming function for recurring cooking processes as well as special programs for meat preparations. The integrated retractable spray shower with automatic return additionally simplifies cooking processes and cleaning. The Salvis VitalityEVO Easy model is equipped with a manual control; further options are available as a modular system.