New Acrylamide Regulation

New Acrylamide Regulation

The new EU Acrylamide Regulation  2017/2158 from 20 November 2017, intended to guarantee a high level of consumer protection in terms of food safety, entered into force on 11 April 2018.

Research has established that acrylamide is carcinogenic.

Acrylamide is created primarily in baked, fried and deep fat fried food products rich in carbohydrates and whose raw materials contain its precursors – such as potato foodstuffs, for example (French fries, etc.).

The following action must be taken (excerpt):

The food business operator shall specify the recipe and the process design

  1. For each product, the food business operator shall specify the temperature of the frying oil at the exit of the fryer. On a specific production line and for the specific product, this temperature shall be as low as feasibly possible while remaining in line with quality and food safety standards.

The food business operators shall recommend in particular the following actions to end users:

  1. Keep the temperature for deep fat frying between 160 and 175 °C
  2. When preparing smaller quantities of potatoes than indicated on the pack, reduce the cooking time to avoid excessive browning of the product
  3. Do not overfill the frying basket Fill the basket up to the halfway mark to avoid excessive oil uptake by extended frying times

The end users shall ensure the frying quality:

  1. The end user shall comply with the temperature, frying time and basket fill level recommended by the food business operator.
  2. The fried product should have a golden yellow colour.

Fryline Pro Offen

In this context, Salvis offers the following solution:

The Salvis Fryline Deep Fat Fryer has the following features:

  • Electronic temperature sensor, frying at temperatures under 170 °C.
  • Dual fat filter system as standard feature on all models.
  • AQA – Automatic Quantity Adjustment, cooking time setting for one portion and
    automatic cooking time extension for multiple portions.