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Increase in productivity in times of shortage of skilled chef in the kitchen

Gastronomy kitchens are changing. Those who want to survive in the future as restaurateurs face enormous challenges. It consists of offering a creative and efficient cuisine with only few chefs.

The key question is how can I, as an entrepreneur meet these demands not only today but also in the years to come while remaining within the time and financial framework?

Shorter cooking times, time-shifted work processes, modern work systems and concepts for a more efficient kitchen, as well as technologies tailored to the food, which the industry has in store for the catering industry, are solutions to compensate for the shortage of well-trained chefs.

Convenience products are experiencing a boom and are available in good quality - but not for everyone. Processes such as cook & chill or vacuum systems such as Salvis GreenVAC are only partially known on the market. Technical solutions require investment and must be well considered. Pressure cooking technology in the kitchen makes an effective contribution to increasing productivity in times of staff shortages.

Thanks to more efficient processes, some mise en place can be prepared stressless in parallel during the à la carte or banquet by up to 70% shorter cooking times. At the same time, steam pressure cookers take control of cooking time and temperature during preparation, thus ensuring product quality. The colours of vegetables remain intensely bright when cooked under pressure and their own aroma is retained. This results in a healthy side effect - less salt is needed.

Pressure cooking is not new. New is the pressure steamer Salvis VitalityEVO which has a modern touch panel behind glass as well as a guided rinsing program. The Salvis VitalityEVO pressure steamer is available in 2 versions as Easy and Pro. The Pro model contains over 90 cooking programmes, core temperature sensors, special programmes for gentle meat and fish preparation and a hose shower to simplify cleaning. The model Easy is equipped with a manual control which also contains 3 vitalization processes as well as 9 pictograms for cooking functions. The integrated water softener is unique and standard on both Salvis pressure steamer models. It solves the calcification problem without expensive technical service.


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