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Hôtel de Châtonneyre in a new splendour

This is what every chef dreams of - once to implement own ideas and processes in a new kitchen. Chef de cuisine Gaël Boulay has fulfilled his wish with the finest cooking technology with the range Salvis VisionPRO.

With a population of 2172 (as of 31 December 2015), Corseaux is one of the medium-sized municipalities in the canton of Vaud. The wine village - on the best sunny slopes of Lavaux - produces quality wines under the Chardonne appellation.

The historic Hôtel de Châtonneyre has been in existence since 1971 and was modernised in 2015. Now the kitchen renovation followed in order to meet the growing culinary demands.

The range Salvis VisionPRO has been equipped with 6 full-surface induction cooking zones to ensure flexibility in cooking. The complementary chrome steel hob can be used in a multifunctional way. For the production and preparation of large quantities for banquets or as a plancha grill for the mediterranean dishes of Chef de cuisine Gaël Boulay. The salamander's design above the water bath saves space and makes it easier to see the food at eye level. The continuous GN 2/1 oven in the substructure is required for the large roasts and typical classics such as french grenailles.

Chef de cuisine Gaël Boulay was particularly impressed by Salvis' open communication during the planning and implementation of his ideas. The product design of the range Salvis VisionPRO, Salvis Combi-Steamer CucinaEVO and Salamander Classic convinced me optically and functionally. Easy to clean and easy to operate were important points for me from the very start oft he project."

Salvis wishes every success and culinary highlights in the new kitchen!

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