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Gastronomy kitchens in XXS to XXL format

High-performance kitchens in small formats are increasingly in demand. The central kitchen ranges with the large kitchen brigades of yesteryear are a thing of the past. Multifunctional kitchens in a small space are the standard today.

Salvis offers a double-deck combination of the combi steamer and the pressure steamer as the Salvis Power Tower.  On a floor space of 0.5 m2 the production of up to 150 persons per meal can be covered. If the food concept is designed for children's day care centres or schools, the multifunctional vario pan and cooking appliance Salvis Marmite can be added.  Its cooking capacity is 60 litres and its roasting capacity is 550 x 660 mm.
A large selection of Salvis Smartline mobile thermal cooking units, such as wok, pasta cooker, table fryers or Bain Marie, is available for the respective food concepts. With a footprint of just 0.24 m2, they also fit into any food counter for attractive front cooking.
The built-in solution for the Salvis CucinaEVO combi steamer is the latest innovation for the small kitchen in drawer format. The pull-out and swivelling swivel plate ensures optimum access to the technology even in narrow kitchens in the event of customer service.

Smart cooking in large format

The Salvis smart cooking concept is based on time-shifted production. With the freshness concept, dishes can be served in à la carte quality from small kitchens to large-scale events with 6,000 people.
The "International Convention Center" in Durban is one of South Africa's largest convention centers. It welcomes its guests on 112'000m2 to various events throughout the year. Catering plays an important role in this. The ISO 9001-certified kitchen thinks in unusual quantities. From 10 to 6000 people are catered for using the smart cooking method. The menu components are seasoned hot and then shock-cooled. The dishes are prepared in rooms cooled to below 10°C, with the utmost precision and aesthetically pleasing. The subsequent preparation in the 55 Combi-Steamer Salvis CucinaEVO 2011QT is carried out in 16 satellite kitchens. The aim is to serve every guest within 10 minutes.
The cooking compartments of the Salvis CucinaEVO QT models are always designed in GN 2/1 format, which is particularly outstanding in the banquet systems with a capacity of up to 102 plates. The sideboard height of 80mm in the Salvis plate rack trolleys has been standardized at the request of catering chefs.
All HACCP data is automatically recorded in the Smartweb kitchen management system and stored centrally in the chef's office. From there, all appliances are programmed with the latest cooking programs.
Simply smart cooking.

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