Vaccuum Packaging System

Salvis GreenVAC

Innovative vacuum packaging technology for the kitchens of the future

Salvis GreenVAC is an environmentally friendly reusable vacuum packaging system. It guarantees a maximum vacuum directly in gastronorm containers specially manufactured for this purpose. It also enables products sensitive to pressure such as salad and berries to be directly vacuum packaged. Salvis GreenVAC lengthens the storage life of products, optimises your mise en place and makes the portion-based movement of food between containers redundant. When it comes to multifunctionality, Salvis GreenVAC is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Alongside systematic stock management, it is also the ideal solution for takeaways, home-delivery foods and catering activities. Salvis GreenVAC can be used for storage, production and the delivery of shock-cooled food to customers using cold-chain logistics, who can then revitalise their meal in the same container. Salvis GreenVAC is a sustainable concept for simply smart cooking.

Clear benefits:

  • Fresh products – less oxidation and long-lasting freshness
  • Fewer vacuum bags – enabling a reduction in vacuum bag waste of up to 65 %
  • No more dried-out cuts – guarantees longer storage times
  • Guaranteed amortisation within 8 – 12 months in the case of consistent use – guaranteed value creation in all stages of production

Guaranteed durability:

Manufactured from 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm-thick chromium-nickel steel (standard gastronorm container: 0.5 mm). The transparent lids are both impact-resistant and suitable for vacuum packaging and are able to withstand dishwasher cleaning cycles at temperatures of up to 90 °C time and time again. They also stand out due to their outstanding barrier properties.

  • 01 green-vac schale deckel
  • 02 green-vac schale deckel stapelbar
  • 03 green-vac stapelbar
  • 04 green-vac schalen
  • 05 green-vac schalen deckel
  • 06 green-vac beschriftung
  • 07 green-vac vakuumierpumpe
  • 08 green-vac food1
  • 09 green-vac food2
  • 10 green-vac food3
  • 11 green-vac food4