Kettle Salvis-ProfiLine

Food service equipment

Salvis ProfiLine Kettle

Gentle, energy-saving cooking. Compact. Powerful.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Salvis heating system for gentle and energy saving cooking.
  • Water inlet via swivelling 3/4" mixer tap integrated in the front panel.
  • Internal kettle with rounded corners, bottom made from high-grade stainless steel AISI 316Ti (1.4571).
  • Electric model: Steam generator is heated by tubular heating elements in a water bath. Toggle control with rotary switch for two output levels for changing over from boiling to simmering with reduced power. Rotary switch for manual temperature control as an energy regulator in six steps for adapting individually to ingredients, quantities and use.


  • Gas model: Steam generator is heated by pipe burner for natural gas and LPG. With pilot flame. Thermoelectric ignition safety device with piezoelectric ignition. Thermostatic temperature control. Gas control valve, exhaust gas system with exhaust stack on the back wall, high-quality heat insulation and integrated gas connection. Gas shut-off valve.

  • profiline gas-kochkessel 100l
  • profiline gas-kochkessel oben
  • profiline kochkessel 100l
  • profiline kochkessel kessel
  • profline kochkessel auslauf

Cooking Kettle Salvis ProfiLine - ideal for commercial kitchens with high volume

The gastro appliances from our Salvis ProfiLine product line are aimed at operators of commercial kitchens and are designed for both large quantities of food and continuous operation. The cooking kettle holds high volumes and is ideal for the preparation of soups and stews.

The commercial cooking kettle is available in electric and gas versions. The electrically operated commercial kitchen appliance has a tubular heating element in the water bath to heat the steam generator. With the gas-powered boiler, the steam generator is heated by a gas burner, which can be operated with natural gas or liquid gas. Our product developers have integrated an analogue manometer into the front panel, so that you always have an overview of the current activity of the steam generator.

To fill the ProfiLine cooking kettle, the water supply in the front panel of the appliance is via the swivel fitting with mixer tap ´''. You control the cooking kettle via ergonomically shaped rotary knobs, whereby you can choose between the boiling and continuous mode to set the temperature in six stages during the cooking process, depending on the food.