Infill Tables Salvis ProfiLine

Food service equipment

Salvis ProfiLine Work tables

With base cabinet. Can be flexibly added to and extended.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Infill table as a self-supporting construction. Cover plate, cladding and support profiles made of stainless steel AISI 304 (1.4301).
  • 50 mm thick cover plate with 2 mm thick material, prepared for device connection with U-shaped channel.
  • Fine polished visible surfaces (Mikrolon).
  • Base cabinet in standard hygienic design, open at front.
  • Variation: open base cabinet, wing doors, drawers, GN-supports and hygienic version H2.

Infill Tables Salvis-ProfiLine

Work Tables for gastronomy Salvis ProfiLine - multifunctional, modular units for your commercial kitchen

The Salvis ProfiLine product line offers you a range of reliable and functional equipment for professional catering applications. In addition to the cooking modules, we present a gastro work table as a flexible, ergonomic and versatile unit in several versions.

The work table for gastronomy is made of stainless CNS steel with uniform microlon fine grinding for all visible surfaces. The 50 millimetre thick cover plate is already fully prepared for the connection of catering equipment. Use the gastro worktable to set up various table-top cooking modules such as deep fryer, griddle or, for example, a work unit with cutting board.

All worktables are available in a standard hygienic design or alternatively in the hygienic design H2 for easy cleaning. Depending on your requirements, models with an open base, with practical hinged doors or with drawers are available. Furthermore, models with standardised GN supports are also available. Arrange your gastro kitchen flexibly, with the emphasis on maximum efficiency and working comfort.