hot plate Salvis-ProfiLine

Food service equipment

Salvis-ProfiLine Hot Plate

Perfect handling with small and large cookware.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Hot Plate with steel core for simple moving of the cookware.
  • Revolving seemless deep drawn u-shape channel to catch food residues and liquids with downwards drain.
  • Heating zones adjustable from 95 to 380 °C. Perfect for different temperature ranges on the cooking surface.
  • Integrated work and safety thermostat for optimal temperature control and protection against overheating.

Gas Version:

  • Atmospheric high-performance gas burner fitted in the centre. Continuously adjustable temperature in the centre for bringing to the boil, in the outer area for simmering.
  • Piezo ignition, pilot flame and thermoelectric safety device. Built-in gas stop valve.

Optional oven:

  • Electric oven GN 2/1 with separate adjustable upper and lower heat, range of temperature between 75 and 300 °C. Easy to clean oven chamber, made of stainless steel, hygienic version.
  • Gas-heated oven GN 2/1 with thermostatic temperature control. Burners with pilot flame, piezo ignition and thermoelectric ignition safety device. Heavy duty removable cast iron base, folded up on three sides, with high heat storage capacity.
  • Oven with surrounding insulation, double walled bottom-hinged door, spring loaded and balanced.

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Large cooking range from Salvis - for every cookware and recipe

These commercial kitchen appliances from our ProfiLine product line are designed for modern, food-friendly and flexible cooking in large quantities. The Salvis commercial cookers are available in several versions, including with and without oven, with electricity or gas connection.

An extra-smooth large steel cooking surface gives you a free hand in choosing the cooking utensils. Whether a frying pan, a large-volume saucepan or an oval roaster - this cooking surface can easily accommodate any type of crockery. The hob is divided into several cooking zones, the temperature of which you can set precisely between 95 and 380 degrees Celsius using the rotary controls. The gas version scores points with a powerful burner in the middle and the option of continuing to cook food at moderate temperatures on the outer area of the steel hot plate hob after it has been strongly cooked.

A Salvis large cooktop stove is available with and without oven. You have the choice between electric and gas ovens. The oven temperature can be set between 70 and 300 degrees Celsius. Our ovens score points with their solid thermal insulation and high heat storage capacity. In this way, energy- and vitamin-saving cooking can be achieved without any problems.